MAI CON I QUADRI (Never with the pictures), published by Longanesi 1997.

Co-written with Federico Zeri.

ISBN: 88-304-1431-X


Translated in German with the title DIE FALSCHER by the books publisher “Classen”.

The episodes were published in the German newspaper “Frankfurter Rundschau”



This time a crime hides behind the image.... a thriller upon the world of art.








   Rome. In the stunning environment of the Church of San Giacinto alle Fontanelle the most outstanding names of the aristocracy, diplomatic corps and the world of art meet at a cocktail party organized by the parish priest, don Maida to celebrate the restoration of a 15th century fresco.

However the party soon turns into tragedy when a dead body is found in the cupboard near the fresco. The corpse is tightly wrapped in a pale yellow Valentino suit, soaked in blood.

    It’s the body of Isabella De Gherarducci, a Professor of History of Art at La Sapienza University, a strong-minded, bright, attractive and very ambitious woman. Screams, dismay, fear, the heart of the jet set society is in turmoil, stabbed too from the knife of the Murderer. The Attorney, Mr Blasi and Maresciallo Merulla, in charge of the investigation, are complete strangers to the exclusive environment of the crime scene

    Their flair for investigation, combined with a healthy dose of skepticism, risks to get entangled in the turbid labyrinths of this obscure crime, when suddenly the discovery of a rare painting from the 17th hundred highlights a new track….

    The set for the scene is a cynical and baroque Rome, portrayed with a dig though loving sarcasm, populated by high-flying individuals, top financers, incense and whiskey, clergy and princesses. A subtle play develops revealing hidden plots, hypocrisy, complicity whereby friendships (true or fake) and passion set forth a refined thriller, where true and fake blends nonchalantly to compose a spider web (intentionally?) bordering between alleged fiction and a not impossible reality.